Heavy Duty Closing Wheel Pivot Kit

A worn, sloppy, or stuck closing wheel pivot reduces the ability of the opener to properly close the trench greatly impacting seed germination. Our heavy-duty closing wheel pivot kit completely replaces the factory pivot assembly with new bushings. Precision ground and hardened pin, grade 8 hardware, and an upgraded seal design. The result is a tighter pivot that outperforms OEM and other aftermarket solutions and requires grease only 1-2 times per season.



  • Longer lasting Red E solution
  • Removes excess play or stiffness in the pivot
  • Greasing intervals are reduced to 1-2 times per season
  • Effectively seals out dirt and debris


For use on John Deere 60 & 90 series no-till drills

Replaces John Deere P/N: 19H3353, N280648, N219547, N169024, A92849, A85727

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