Heavy Duty Closing Wheel Arm Spring

Maintaining consistent down-force on the closing wheel is critical in ensuring proper seed trench closure.  Worn or broken closing wheel springs prevent the closing wheels from functioning properly, causing inconsistent germination and poor stands.  Red E’s industry exclusive heavy duty closing wheel springs feature a square wire cross section and an extra coil, increasing down pressure and extending the spring’s life.


SKU: AG-K14R (Right), AG-K14L (Left)

  • 5% – 10% more available down pressure over OEM and other round wire replacement springs
  • Additional coil in spring produces up to 20% longer life over OEM and other round wire replacement springs
  • Assists in maintaining contact between closing wheel and ground for consistent closing of the seed trench
  • Powder coated for better rust prevention
  • IMPORTANT: If you have not upgraded your pivot with the Heavy Duty Closing Wheel Pivot Kit, an additional closing wheel hardware kit is required to be purchased for these springs, as the OEM bolt is too short


For use on JD 60 & 90 Series Air Drills

Replaces JD Part #: N283994, N283995

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