Pro-Stitch Seed Boot Stabilizer

Pro-Stitch Seed Boot Stabilizer is a patented simple bolt on device designed to fit between the main opener arm boot pivot flanges and the seed boot, eliminating the up and down movement of the seed boot and allowing for a consistent furrow and more even seed placement.

Learn how to install the Pro-Stitch Seed Boot Stabilizer



  • Removes up and down play of the seed boot
  • Alternative to labor-intensive boot pivot and/or main opener arm drilling and bushing installation
  • Simple to install with no drilling or machining required
  • Includes necessary hardware and new seed boot pivot bolt and nut
  • Fits 60, and 90 series John Deere openers
  • US PATENT 9,485,903


Compatible with the following part numbers:

  • N284025 
  • N284024 
  • N284045 
  • N284044 
  • A109343 
  • A109344 
  • AN280317 
  • AN280316 
  • N280447 
  • N280446 


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