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Don't just hope your fertilizer is making it

Fertilizer blockages and reduced flows can become a nightmare, especially if you didn’t know it was happening.

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Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor on iPad


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10 Year Warranty on Qualifying Sensors Purchased in 2021

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Intelligent Ag Recon SpreadSense Monitor

Dry Fertilizer Application

Recon SpreadSense® is the industry’s first blockage monitor for floaters. Utilizing the same acoustic technology developed for other Recon monitoring systems, Recon SpreadSense provides reliable real-time blockage detection.

The IAS Recon SpreadSense will tell you exactly how your fertilizer is flowing in each run. When a blockage happens, you’ll be alerted immediately - giving you a chance to clear it right away and get back to fertilizing with confidence.

No more skips.  No more guessing.

Here's how it works


How it works - Recon SpreadSense

Accoustic sensors mounted on the back of each deflector listen to the material flow and transmit the signal through auditory tubes.


How it works - Recon SpreadSense

This data is collected by the electronic control unit (ECU) which relays the information to the gateway.


How it works - Recon SpreadSense

Information arrives via Wi-Fi and gets displayed on an Apple iPad® warning you of any blockages in your system in real-time.

If there is a blockage or even a decrease in flow anywhere in the system, you'll know.

Product Details

Blockage Monitoring for Floaters

Using a simple adhesive the acoustic sensors are easy to install on the back of each deflector, so there is no disruption to product flow.
The acoustic sensors listen to the material flow and send sound pulses through auditory tubes, similar to a stethoscope. The data is collected by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which displays the information on an iPad® in the cab. If there’s a blockage anywhere in the system, you’ll know.

Ensure even distribution of product across your floater, and increase your efficiency by not having to visually detect flow issues.

Recon SpreadSense machine compatibility (more coming soon):

  • TerraGator® and RoGator® AirMax® Precision R1/R2 Air Spreaders
  • CASE IH Titan 810 Flex-Air™
  • John Deere AB485
  • Rogator AMP180
  • Salford 6700
Intelligent Ag Recon SpreadSense installed on floater

Proudly Made in the USA

Protect Your Acoustic Sensors with a 10-Year Warranty

IntelligentAg is celebrating 10 Years of reliable, acoustic sensor innovation by including a 10-year Warranty on qualifying sensor purchases made in 2021. Use the registration page below to enter your contact and purchase information. You will receive a confirmation email with warranty information.

Qualifying Sensors

  • Sensor Assembly - Spread Sense 153510-000085
  • Sensor, Inline 1.00” 153510-000022
  • Sensor, Inline 1.25” 153510-000066
  • Customers MUST register on our warranty page at Intelligent to activate their extended warranty.
    • Failure to register by January 31st, 2022 will result in our current Limited Warranty coverage of 3 years for sensors.
  • This extended warranty does NOT apply to other system components, only qualifying acoustic sensors.
  • Qualifying orders must have been shipped by Intelligent Ag between 12/1/2020 and 12/31/2021.
  • The warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.
  • Following registration, customers will receive an email with their extended warranty information.
  • It is important to note the qualifying orders point above. We will grandfather-in any shipments made in 2021 in addition to shipments in December of 2020. You may wish to inform any customers that would qualify for this benefit and instruct them how to register.

How to install the IAS Recon SpreadSense

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Part 4 - Connecting to Wifi and Accessing Demo Mode

Part 5 - App Configuration

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