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Upgrade your ground drive John Deere 1900/1910, John Deere 1990CCS, Flexi-Coil, or Bourgault 4350 air cart meter to hydraulic drive today!  Take advantage of the increased control and reliability of hydraulic drive without the cost of replacing the entire meter assembly.  Each meter is independently variable and allows for prescription seeding and fertilizer application. Learn more about Hydraulic Drive Conversion Kits.

Hydraulic Drive Conversion Kit Installation Tutorial

A detailed step-by-step installation guide for Red E's hydraulic drive conversion kit to replace/upgrade from mechanical drive systems on John Deere air carts and other makes of commodity carts.

Hydraulic Drive Conversion Installation Videos

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How Red E Helps Farmers Keep Farming

With a passion that developed in our early years on our grandpa's farm, we’ve formed our business around helping farmers upgrade and make better use of their existing equipment.  Our grandpa used to say, “I can’t afford a new machine, so let’s keep what we have running in the best condition possible.”

At Red E, we find our inspiration by listening to farmers and their pain points, then providing solutions that dealers and manufacturers have not done well.

This is where Red E comes in.

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Stainless Steel Air Cart Solutions gives you long lasting, frustration free results.

Red E Stainless Steel Air Cart Solutions

The Red E Hydraulic Drive Conversion Kit provides a solution to upgrade and replace old and sluggish mechanical drive transmissions for 2013 and older John Deere 1900 and 1910 air carts, John Deere 1990CCS, Flexi-Coil, and Bourgault 4350 air carts.

Hydraulic drives provide accurate metering and variable rate while offering consistent drive power to the meters through all meter speeds. They offer many features, including variable-rate drive and hydraulic calibration and reduces a large number of mechanical and electrical components including transmissions, clutches, gears, and shafts; replacing them with a hydraulic-drive motor, electrohydraulic valve, and integrating into the existing cross shaft of the air cart.

Each meter has its own hydraulic drive motor and can be set independently of the other.  The meter rotation is steady and smooth, minimizing the pulsing effect. Drives are infinitely adjustable within range. The motor speed is controlled by an electrohydraulic valve mounted next to the motor.  Red E’s kit ties into the hydraulic fan circuit eliminating the need to tie up another SCV from the tractor.

Hydraulic Drive stainless steel conversion for planters