Close the Gap to Higher Yields

Performance Closing Wheels for Precision Planters & Drills

After many years of fighting wet soils and soggy conditions, the developers at Pro-Stitch saw no choice but to design a closing wheel that would work in all crop rotations and soil conditions. After 5 years of testing, a wheel was developed that

  • Tucked the soil firmly against the seed.
  • Reduced sidewall compaction.
  • Stitched the seam.
  • Operated at the minimum pressure setting for any field condition.

The Pro-Stitch closing wheel does an impressive job even in the harshest and ideal conditions. They are recommended to be mounted staggered & 1 3/4" - 2 1/4" apart on the bottom of the wheels. The "blunt" tooth design applies 6 times more down pressure to the sidewall of the trench than standard round closing wheels, thus reducing sidewall compaction by fracturing and pushing the seed slot from side to side.

Pro-Stitch Closing Wheels

As farmers ourselves, we had a tough time closing the seed slot in tough planting conditions! After several years of trial and error, we knew we were on to something when the half our corn planted with the prototype wheels had a much nicer stand and the emergence was very obvious.

One of our neighbors had them as a trial in the first year as well.

He was back within a week saying, "I am impressed with the wheels & their performance! I even have a name for them -"Pro Stitch!" because that's what they do, "sew the slot shut!", he said. They still live up to their name today!

First of all, the planter setup is most important! It is recommended to install the wheels in the staggered position (one in the front & one in the back hole) 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" apart on the bottom of wheels (normally a 7/8" spacer is required). When set up this way, it hits the furrow closer to the bottom, firmly tucking the seed in place while leaving the top of the furrow looser.

Minimum down pressure setting is optimal in most planting conditions!

It is recommended to install the closing wheels as a pair to achieve that perfect stitch! In addition to achieving this, the Pro-Stitch closing wheel is taller than most closing wheels (13" vs. 12") to get a longer life out of each set of wheels.

Absolutely not! They are virtually indestructible... if in doubt, test them by taking a sledge hammer to them!

Our bearings come with a 2 Year Warranty and replacements can be bought from us direct at a competitive price as compared to a John Deere, Kinze & White Dealers.

These wheels were created to be the ideal setup for anything from wet, tough planting to perfect planting condition. As stated earlier, these wheels were created as a solution to tough planting conditions - which is where they truly shine based off of customer feedback.

Original prototypes showed there was a problem with counteracting these barriers. However, after testing a few options, there is an ejector (the small protrusion between the spikes) that effectively handles any roots or stalks that try to get caught between the spokes.

Absolutely not!

It is incredibly important to follow the recommendation of installing the wheels in a staggered position and 1 1/2" to 2" apart on the bottom to allow the wheels to naturally interlock and gently stitch the furrow, while also eliminating any air pockets.