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After many years of no-tilling and trying many different ideas, fighting wet soils and soggy conditions, the developers at Pro-Stitch saw no choice but to come up with their own solution. They needed a closing wheel that would work in all crop rotations and soil conditions ranging from wet, low grounds to dry hilltops. After looking for the right footprint that could do it all, without causing sidewall compaction, it was time to develop a new product. Finally, after 5 years of trial and error, a wheel was developed that tucked the soil firmly against the seed, reduced sidewall compaction, stitched the seam, and operated at the minimum pressure setting for any field condition. The Pro-Stitch closing wheel does an impressive job even in the harshest conditions, as well as ideal conditions. Pro-Stitch wheels are recommended to be mounted staggered (one ahead of the other) & 1 3/4" - 2 1/4" apart on the bottom of the wheels. Pro-Stitch wheels run out of time due to soil pressure, creating the perfect 'Stitch Effect'. The "blunt" tooth design applies 6 times more down pressure to the sidewall of the trench as compared to standard round closing wheels, thus reducing sidewall compaction by fracturing and pushing the seed slot from side to side.

Pro-Stitch Closing Wheels on planter

Pro-Stitch Planter Closing Wheels

Product #: PSP750
Available for John Deere, CIH, White & Kinze

Featuring our patented footprint, with a proven yield advantage! Pro-Stitch wheels are recommended to be mounted staggered (one ahead of the other) & 1- 3/4" - 2- 1/4"apart on the bottom of the wheels. The lightest setting is recommended for most soil conditions. Pro-Stitch wheels run out of time due to soil pressure, Creating the perfect Stitch effect while reducing sidewall compaction by fracturing & pushing the seed slot from side to side.

Pro-Stitch Closing Wheels on planter

Case IH Planter Conversion

Product #: PSP244

Adapter kit for Case IH planters to convert to dual style closing wheel system! With this kit, closing wheel disks are eliminated, plus adjustable down pressure is added! Can't get the furrow closed? We can help get the job done!

Case IH Planter Conversion for closing wheels by Pro-Stitch

John Deere Drill Closing Wheels

Product #: PSD100JD
for John Deere 60 & 90 Series

Featuring all the benefits of the planter closing wheel, plus it'll greatly reduce closing wheel bounce commonly seed in drills. Material is 10X more abrasive resistant than steel and includes a replaceable OEM bearing and SS flange.

Pro-Stitch Drill Closing Wheels on John Deere 60 and 90 Series planters

Case IH Drill Closing Wheels

Product #: PSD100
for Case IH PD500 & SDX Series

Our closing wheels are made of UHMW, which is 10 times more abrasive resistant than steel, indestructible, they will not break like the OEM wheels. Just can't seem to get the trench closed? This setup will help drastically.

Pro-Stitch Drill Closing Wheels on Case IH PD500 & SDX Series planters

John Deere Seedboot Stabilizer

For John Deere Drills
Product #: AG-K07-ST50 (50 Series)
Product #: AG-K07-ST (60 & 90 Series)

Seed Boot Stabilizer are made of High Strength Steel, and precisely machined to fit snug in between the two flanges where the seed boot mounts, and adds a precise mounting hole to take away the slack! No drilling is required for this simple installation! (see video) All hardware is included plus a new mounting bolt.

Pro-Stitch Ag seedboot stabilizer for John Deere planter

As farmers ourselves we had a tough time closing the seed slot in tough planting conditions! After several years of trial and error, we knew we were on to something when the half our corn planted with the prototype wheels had a much nicer stand and the emergence was very obvious.

One of our neighbors had them as a trial in the first year as well.

He was back within a week saying, "I am impressed with the wheels & their performance! I even have a name for them -"Pro Stitch!" because that's what they do, "sew the slot shut!", he said. They still live up to their name today!

First of all, the planter setup is most important! It is recommended to install the wheels in the staggered position (one in the front & one in the back hole) 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" apart on the bottom of wheels (normally a 7/8" spacer is required). When set up this way, it hits the furrow closer to the bottom, firmly tucking the seed in place while leaving the top of the furrow looser.

Minimum down pressure setting is optimal in most planting conditions!

It is recommended to install the closing wheels as a pair to achieve that perfect stitch! In addition to achieving this, the Pro-Stitch closing wheel is taller than most closing wheels (13" vs. 12") to get a longer life out of each set of wheels.

Absolutely not! They are virtually indestructible... if in doubt, test them by taking a sledge hammer to them!

Our bearings come with a 2 Year Warranty and replacements can be bought from us direct at a competitive price as compared to a John Deere, Kinze & White Dealers.

These wheels were created to be the ideal setup for anything from wet, tough planting to perfect planting condition. As stated earlier, these wheels were created as a solution to tough planting conditions - which is where they truly shine based off of customer feedback.

Original prototypes showed there was a problem with counteracting these barriers. However, after testing a few options, there is an ejector (the small protrusion between the spikes) that effectively handles any roots or stalks that try to get caught between the spokes.

Absolutely not!

It is incredibly important to follow the recommendation of installing the wheels in a staggered position and 1 1/2" to 2" apart on the bottom to allow the wheels to naturally interlock and gently stitch the furrow, while also eliminating any air pockets.

Как компания Red E помогает фермерам оставаться в бизнесе

Помощь фермерам в обновлении и улучшении использования существующего сельхозоборудования

январь 22, 2020

С энтузиазмом, который зародился в первые годы на ферме нашего дедушки, мы построили наш бизнес, помогая фермерам модернизировать и лучше использовать имеющееся у них сельхозоборудование. Наш дедушка говорил: «Я не могу позволить себе новую технику, поэтому давайте сохраним то, что у нас есть, в наилучшем возможном состоянии».

Компания Red E Ag черпает вдохновение в том, что прислушивается к фермерам и их болевым точкам, а затем предлагает решения проблем, с которыми не справились дилеры и производители сельхозоборудования.

Вот в этот момент и появляется Red E.


Проводя обширные инженерные исследования и разработки, работая со многими сельхозпроизводителями и механиками пневматических сеялок, которые восстановили сотни стерневых сеялок John Deere, наша американская инженерная компания, Red E, решила эти проблемы, найдя и разработав наиболее высококачественные и износостойкие запчасти, доступные сегодня на рынке.

Эти проверенные решения не только устраняют проблемы, но и обеспечивают более длительный срок службы, оптимальную производительность и меньшие затраты на техническое обслуживание, что позволяет вашей пневматической сеялке John Deere достичь максимальной урожайности и потенциальной прибыли с меньшим временем простоя.

Кроме того, Red E предлагает удлинённые гарантийные сроки на свои запчасти и занимается их сопровождением.

Наши решения позволяют вашей существующей сеялке John Deere работать ЛУЧШЕ, чем новая, что еще больше увеличивает рентабельность сделанных в неё инвестиций.


Red E Ag поставляет фермерам запасные части компании Джон Дир, в том числе для Джон Дир 1560, Джон Дир 1590, Джон Дир 1690, Джон Дир 1850, Джон Дир 1860, Джон Дир 1890, Джон Дир 1895, Джон Дир 1990, Джон Дир 1890CCS и Джон Дир ProSeries. Вашу сеялку Джон Дир можно укомплектовать запасными частями, чтобы она снова стала новой. Выберите детали, подходящие для вашей модели пневматической сеялки Джон Дир. Мы также поставляем запчасти для пневмоприцепов и пневмосеялок следующих моделей: Case IH, Case-IH SDX, пневмоприцепов Bourgault, Ezee-On, Flexi-Coil, Flexicoil, Horsch, Horsch Anderson, Morris, Poly Tank и Seed Hawk.