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    Sign Up For A Red E Air Seeder Inspection

    Red E
    Июль 7, 2022

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      The Red E On-Site Inspection Experience 

      Air seeders can be a costly piece of equipment to maintain but did you know that opting to rebuild over buying new has more than just one benefit?  Investing in your existing air seeder will save you money, increase performance, and limit downtime in the field. Additionally, you won’t be learning the personality of a new machine. As the air seeder experts, Red E is ready to inspect your air seeder in person with you, develop a personalized maintenance plan, and provide the performance solutions that fit within your budget to make your machine perform as well or better than new.

      How To Sign Up For An Air Seeder Inspection

      Fill out our contact form and get signed up for a FREE on-site inspection. Simply provide your contact information, air seeder specifications, and what you would like our product specialists to take a look at while at your farm.  

      The Red E Drill Inspection Tool

      Want an innovative tool that allows you to inspect various critical components on your John Deere 90 series and ProSeries no-till drill? Our engineers have designed the Red E Drill Inspection Tool. This tool takes the guesswork out of what life is left on key components on your seeder.  

      Some of the measurements this tool provides are: 

      • Discs
      • Seed tabs
      • Boot slop
      • Boot profile wear

      Want one of these handy tools?  Ask to get yours when you visit us at a farm show, when you stop into our office, when getting an on-site inspection, or just ask for one when placing your next parts order. 

      We Can Help You Install It

      Not only do we provide free on-site inspections and high-quality performance aftermarket parts, but we also offer installation services. 

      At Red E, we have our very own professional, experienced rebuild crews that travel to your farm and rebuild your air seeder with efficiency, accuracy, and precision. When you choose Red E to install your air seeder parts, you get the assurance backed up by a warranty that your air seeder will perform well during your most important pass of the year. 

      Q & A with A Red E Product Specialist

      How much does the on-site inspection cost?

      Inspections with Red E are FREE! We provide expert advice on air seeder upgrades at no cost, whether in person or over the phone. 

      What are some key upgrades recommended during the inspection?

      One of the first things I do at an on-site inspection is to ask the customer their current pain points on their air seeder. Some key areas to look at are: 

      • Are the row units running true and pivots tight from side to side? 
      • Are the discs and boots/scrapers in good shape? 
      • Are the closing wheels and press wheels running where they should be? 
      • Are the seed boots not slopping up and down? 
      • Is there a good seed tab on the boot that keeps the seeds in the furrow? 
      • Is the blockage system functioning? 
      • Does the air cart have leaks, irregular metering, or a faulty drive system? 

      If any of these questions are answered “No”, it’s important that I highlight what actions can be taken to get the machine in a condition to get the farmer the best yield possible. 

      What’s the best part about doing on-site inspections? 

      I love to make new connections during inspections! I always enjoy getting to meet farmers face to face and learn about their farming operation. It’s so rewarding to offer solutions to these farmers and help them solve the problems they are having with their seeder. 

      Ready to sign up for a free on-site inspection with Red E?