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    The Power of Internships

    Red E
    Июнь 26, 2023

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      The Power of Engineering Internships with Red E

      An estimated 8 out of 10 college students graduate with at least one internship experience under their belt. These internships can provide college students with amazing opportunities to get a clear vision of their professional goals. We believe in the power of internships here at Red E by providing valuable, hands-on experiences to engineering students at local colleges.

      Enjoy this three-part series where we introduce some of our past interns and their internship experience with Red E.

      Part 1 – The Value of an Internship

      Our engineering intern, Sam, walks us through the value of internships through his eyes.

      Part 2 – Learning Multiple Skills

      Our engineering intern, Michael, had the ability to learn multiple skills during his internship with Red E, including welding!

      Part 3 – Real World Application

      In the finale of our internship series, Carter talks about his experience designing a custom tool for the Red E rebuild team to use while out on the job.

      Engineering Internship Hiring Tips

      1. Craft a quality resume
        • Reference the internship job description to make sure you choose skills that are in-demand. Some popular skills that hiring managers look for include:
          • Problem-solving skills
          • Multi-tasking
          • Leadership
          • Communication
          • Software skillset
        • Reference any previous certifications you’ve earned, engineering class experience, or engineering organizations you actively participate in.
        • Don’t forget to proofread for common grammar errors! Have a friend or trusted professor review your application and provide feedback before submitting.
      2. Write a compelling cover letter
        • Cover letters are a great opportunity to expand upon your qualifications, interests, and career aspirations. A well-written cover letter can also showcase your personality and the value you would be adding to the hiring organization.
        • Share past engineering projects that are applicable to the job posting.
      3. Interview Preparation
        • Congratulations to securing an interview! Come prepared by practicing answering common interview questions with a friend.
        • Research information on the company, including their values, company culture, and past projects that have been publicized by the company.