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Intelligent Ag Recon SpraySense™

Variations in nozzle flow rate and pressure can cause major problems with spray quality and ultimately, chemical efficacy. Since it is nearly impossible to physically see nozzle issues, Intelligent Ag found a solution to eliminate problems including:

  • Weed resistance
  • Reapplication that could have been prevented
  • Lost yield
  • Wasted chemical

Product Details

Recon SpraySense™ Offers:

  • Real time monitoring of flow rate and pressure at every nozzle
  • Real time indication of droplet size (based on pressure and nozzle selection)
  • Foolproof blockage detection: instant notification of current or emerging pressure or flow problems
  • LED included for problem indication and spray-pattern illumination in low-light conditions
  • Compatible with common check valves and electronic on/off valves (PWM support coming soon)
  • Easy to understand dashboard and nozzle-by-nozzle details views via iPad application
  • Pre-loaded specifications for over 8,000 nozzle tips in the iPad
  • Historical “Spray Quality Score” to understand percentage of acres applied within target rate and pressure ranges
  • Easily adjustable alarm settings
  • Flow rate displayed in GPM and GPA
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Designed for use with self-propelled and pull-type sprayers

Sprayer Demo

This demonstration provides an insight into the various nozzle flow problems farmers face. Difficult to see in the cab, by the time you see the problem, it's much worse than you think. Watch the impact nozzle flow problems can have through the video above.

Intelligent Ag Test Plot Tour

Intelligent Ag experts Joe and Calby walk through the results of their unique 'Spray Quality Study', designed to test six different crop types and up to 24 individual trials within each crop type to simulate different nozzle flow issues with different chemical types.

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