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Gauge Wheel and Closing Wheel Bearings

Seized gauge and closing wheel bearings lower productivity and hurt yields. SeedXtreme extended life bearings feature an incredible six lip opposing seal design on each end, ensuring contaminants stay out and grease stays in.  An innovative and truly industry leading bearing design.

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Our replacement bearings are a direct replacement for John Deere OEM and feature premium materials with a proven track record.

  • Standard Duty: AG2028

    • High quality OEM replacement
  • Extreme Duty: AG2028X

    • SeedXtreme bearings are designed specifically for seeding equipment and provide increased productivity and long bearing life
    • 2X longer life with SeedXtreme seals
    • 2 sets of triple lip seals, each inverted from the other
    • The ultimate in contamination protection and life


For use on most drills, seeders, and planters.

Replaces JD P/N: AN212132