3″ Needham Urethane Replacement Gauge Wheel Tire

Gauge wheels control the depth the seed is placed and in adverse soil or weather conditions can collect mud and trash making it difficult or impossible to continue planting.  The Needham Urethane Replacement Gauge Wheel Tire handles the toughest conditions and shrugs off wear and damage from no-till stubble and is designed to replace worn tires on Needham 3″ Urethane Spoked Gauge Wheels.


Part Number: AG2085U

  • Urethane gauge wheel wears much slower for a longer service life, especially in short stubble no-till seeding
  • Direct replacement for OEM
  • Tires available in green or red
  • Also available with pre-installed Carlisle 3 spoke rim


For use on John Deere 60 & 90 Series Air Drills and Bourgault 3820 air drills

Replaces John Deere P/N: AA86055, AA66604, AA66599

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