Carlisle Spoked Gauge Wheel

Gauge wheels control the depth the seed is placed and in adverse soil or weather conditions can collect mud and trash making it difficult or impossible to continue planting. The high quality Carlisle Spoked Gauge Wheels have large openings to release mud and debris and prevent it from building up, all while keeping you planting.

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SKU: AG2080R (4-1/2″), AG2064R (3″)

  • Heavy duty cast hub and spokes for increased strength
  • Narrow spokes leave large windows to easily clear mud & debris
  • Serviceable wheels and bearing
  • Available in 3″ and 4-1/2″ widths
  • High-quality peer bearing

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For use on John Deere 60 & 90 Series Air Drills

Replaces John Deere P/N: AA86055, AA66604, AA66599, AA98187

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