Heavy Duty Depth Arm Pivot Kit

The depth arm pivot assembly sets the seed planting depth and is a critical aspect of any no-till drill. Multiple adjustments can be required during the planting season to ensure seed is placed at the right depth for moisture and ideal germination of a particular seed type or variety. Time and wear can cause the depth adjuster shaft to become stiff or seized resulting in the inability to make these key seed depth adjustments. Our premium depth arm adjuster replacement kits completely replace the pivot assembly with upgraded components producing the best pivot integrity possible. This keeps the depth arm from becoming seized and maintains the full range of depth adjustment capability for years to come.


SKU: AG-K03R (Right), AG-K03L (Left)

  • Complete rebuild kit for depth arm pivot
  • Custom triple lip seals on both ends keep depth arm from sticking
  • Completely seals off depth adjuster shaft – no more leak points
  • Gauge wheel offset is 1/4″ closer to disc for longer gauge wheel service life
  • Designed by Red E and Made in USA


For use on John Deere 60, 90 and Pro-Series Air Drills.

Replaces John Deere P/N: AA92485, AA73951, AN282118, AN282119, P45750, N283801, N283800 

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