Heavy Duty Closing Wheel Pivot Kit

A worn, sloppy, or stuck closing wheel pivot reduces the ability of the opener to properly close the trench greatly impacting seed germination.  Our heavy duty closing wheel pivot kit completely replaces the factory pivot assembly with new bushings, a precision ground and hardened pin, grade 8 hardware and an upgraded seal design.  The result is a tighter pivot that out performs OEM and other aftermarket solutions and requires grease only 1-2 times per season.


Part Number: AG-K01

  • Pro Seal design lasts up to 5x longer
  • Removes excess play or stiffness in the pivot
  • Greasing intervals are reduced to 1-2 times per season
  • Effectively seals out dirt & debris
  • Сделано в США


For use on John Deere 60 & 90 series no-till drills

Replaces JD P/N: 19H3353, N280648, N219547, N169024, A92849

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