Depth Adjuster Rehab Kit

The depth arm pivot assembly sets the seed planting depth and is a critical aspect of any no-till drill.  Multiple adjustments can be required during the planting season to ensure seed is placed at the right depth for moisture and ideal germination of a particular seed type or variety.  Time and wear can cause the depth adjuster shaft to become stiff or seized resulting in the inability to make these key seed depth adjustments. Our Depth Adjuster Rehabilitation Kit allows you to rehabilitate existing parts and improves the integrity of the pivot by adding additional and improved seals.  This keeps the depth arm from becoming seized and regains the full range of depth adjustment capability.


SKU: AG-K16L (Left), AG-K16R (Right)

  • Refurbishes stuck depth arm pivots, restoring full range of depth adjustment
  • Economical solution by rehabilitating existing spindle and depth arm shaft
  • Triple lip seal on disc side, quad ring and custom u-cup seal for spindle
  • Kit includes: heavy duty depth arm seal, upgraded triple lip seals, quad-ring seal, stock guard, stainless steel shim


For John Deere 60 & 90 series no-till drills

Replaces John Deere P/N: B13294, P45750, N283788, N283789

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