Extended Wear Seed Boot Bushing Kit

Seed boots develop substantial up and down play from the continuous force and impacts exerted on them while being pulled through the earth.  The seed boot pivot design and casting material opener arms are made from allows wear to accumulate on the main opener arm seed boot mounting holes, resulting in significant up and down seed boot movement and slop.  This causes shallow and inconsistent planting depth and greatly affects seed placement and yield potential. Our seed boot pivot bushing kit rehabilitates this pivot and removes the excessive slop that is present greatly reducing the yield robbing up and down movement.


Part Number: AG-K07

  • Reduces slop in seed boot pivot
  • Stainless steel bushing for longer life
  • Includes Grade 8 hardware and new Grade 8 seed tube bolt
  • Seed Boot Pivot Guide Block Kit is available to assist in re-drilling worn seed boot opener arm pivot holes in preparation for new bushings
  • John Deere 1890, 1895, 1990, 1590 Boot Bushing kit


Options available for JD 60 & 90 Series Air Drills

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