Bolt-on Spiked Closing Wheel Kit

In hard soil or no-till conditions cast closing wheels often struggle to fully close the furrow, creating poor seed-to-soil contact and reduced stands.  Red E’s Bolt-on Spiked Closing Wheel kit utilizes your existing cast closing wheel and adds the benefits of a spiked closing wheel to crumble the furrow sidewall and move soil more effectively at the same time not being too aggressive like many of the aftermarket spiked closing wheel options on the market today.


Part Number: AG-K20

  • US PATENT 9,043,948
  • Improved furrow closing and sidewall crumbling action
  • Economical solution for your John Deere smooth cast closing wheel
  • Made from armor plate grade steel for long service life
  • Includes necessary bushings and Grade 8 hardware
  • Designed and manufactured in North Dakota, USA


For use on John Deere 60 and 90 series no-till drills

Works with John Deere P/N: N282110

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