Pro-Stitch Bonilla Seed Tab


The Pro-Stitch bonilla seed tab mounts to the end of the seed boot and is responsible for keeping the seed in the trench.  As the seed exits the boot, the seed tab directs the seed into the lower portion of the v-shaped trench allowing the press wheel to precisely press the seed at the correct depth.


Part Number: AG-K05-FIN-LH / AG-K05-FIN-RH

  • Angled and tapered to follow the contour of the furrow
  • Keeps a consistent furrow
  • Made from UHMW plastic
  • Fins on the seed tab keeps the seed from bouncing out the side when shallow planting
  • Includes spring steel u-nut and stainless steel bolt

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in



For use on JD 50, 60 & 90 Series and Case IH PD500 Air Drills

Replaces JD P/N: N219982

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