Seed Boot

The seed boot plays a critical role in ensuring proper seed placement and depth.  It scrapes dirt and mud off the cutting disc and shapes the seed furrow to provide a consistent profile for the seed rest in.  Gradually the constant soil contact wears away at the side and leading edge of the seed boot.  If these areas become too thin, proper and consistent seed placement will diminish dramatically reducing yields.

Part Number:  AG1059L (left), AG1059R (right)

  • Multiple options to fit the wear needs of different soil types:
    • High quality JD OEM seed boots, standard and extended wear
    • Multiple options to fit specific wear needs
    • Optional extreme-wear carbide plating


JD P/N: N284044, N274045, N284024 & N284025

For use on JD 60 & 90 Series Air Drills

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