SDX Depth Adjuster Link Slop Fix Kit

The depth arm controls the depth for the entire row unit.  Over time the mounting hole can become worn and egg shaped, creating uncontrolled up and down movement of the row unit, leaving you with inconsistent seed depths.  Our kit includes a bushing and replacement hardware to remove the slop and regain depth consistency across the drill.


Part Number: SDX-K04

  • Removes slop from depth adjuster to improve seed depth consistency
  • Kit includes: bushing, replacement bolt, washer and locking flange nut
  • Use 3/4″ Tapered Reamer (P/N RE3122) to resize hole for bushing


For Case IH SDX Series no-till drills

Replaces Case IH P/N: 9706689, 87016, 231-1446


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