Stainless Steel Single Shoot Manifold Assembly

Are you tired of fighting with your old corroded OEM lower single shoot assemblies on your John Deere 1900/1910 air cart?  Now is the time to make the switch to Red E’s stainless steel solutions.  We carry a complete line of stainless steel air cart parts from the tank all the way to the drill.  The new one-piece stainless steel single shoot manifold assemblies eliminate the individual plastic components and provide the components for below-the-meter housing in one convenient package.

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  • Simple and complete stainless replacement option for single shoot lower assemblies
    For both tow-behind and tow-between air carts
    All necessary manifold seals, tube couplers, hose clamps, insert, pipe end caps for plugging extra runs, and stainless steel hardware included
    Compatible with aftermarket stainless and OEM John Deere meter housings; however, the bottom of the lower plastic inserts will need to be trimmed slightly
  • Made in Canada by Romafa Metal Works, Inc.

Note: Always use anti-seize on threads of stainless steel hardware


For John Deere 1900 & 1910 Air Carts

Replaces John Deere P/N:

  • A64856
  • A64920
  • A64926
  • A69543
  • A70821
  • A88237
  • AA48757, AA48755 or AA48753
  • AA50030
  • AA61976
  • AA71722
  • AA50642
  • A61522
  • A61523
  • A61524
  • A61525
  • A62188
  • A63949
  • A63347
  • A64787
  • A64788
  • A64913
  • A64914
  • A63341
  • A63342
  • A63349
  • A63350
  • A64021
  • A70705

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