Stainless Steel Double Shoot Lower Kit

Are you tired of fighting with your old corroded OEM seed meter assembly on your John Deere 1900/1910 air cart?  Now is the time to make the switch to Red E’s stainless steel solutions.  We carry a complete line of stainless steel air cart parts from the tank all the way to the seeder.  Our stainless steel double shoot lower kit includes all of the non-plastic parts from the bottom of the meter housing up to the primary seed tubes.


SKU: SSK-DS4 (4 Run), SSK-DS6 (6 Run), SSK-DS8 (8 Run)

This kit contains all of the non-plastic components needed to rebuild your double shoot lower meter assembly, from the bottom of the meter housing down to the primary seed tubes.

  • Stainless steel manifold bracket and foam gasket seals
  • Stainless steel manifold center cover (specific to number of runs)
  • Stainless steel bag tabs, side plates, clean-out plate, draw latches, and hose clamps
  • Stainless steel slide selector handles, slide stop brackets (both sides), slide hook & spring
  • All necessary stainless steel hardware

Note: Always use anti-seize on threads of stainless steel hardware


For John Deere 1900 & 1910 air carts

John Deere plastic parts required for full rebuild:

  • A61522 (1 per run)
  • A61523 (1 per run)
  • A61524 (1 per run)
  • A61525 (4 per run)
  • A62188 (2 per run)
  • A63949 (2 per run)
  • A63347 (2 per tank)
  • A64787 (2 per tank)
  • A64788 (1 per run)
  • A64913 (1 per run)
  • A64914 (1 per run)
  • A63341 (2 per tank)
  • A63342 (2 per tank)
  • A63349 (2 per tank)
  • A63350 (4 per tank)
  • A64021 (4 per tank)
  • A70705 (2 per tank)

Replaces John Deere P/N:

  • A64856
  • A64920
  • A64926
  • A69543
  • A70821
  • A88237
  • AA48757, AA48755 or AA48753
  • AA50030
  • AA61976
  • AA71722
  • AA50642


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