Press Wheel Bearing Pivot Fix Kit

Our press wheel bearing pivot fix kit completely replaces the factory pivot assembly with an economical greaseless pivot solution that eliminates the headache of greasing, triple lip seals to keep the pivots from seizing up, and grade 8 hardware.  The result is an easy-to-install kit that will keep your press wheels running straight for a consistent pressing/firming of the seed into the bottom of the furrow.


Part Number: AG-K23

  • Economical greaseless pivot solution that lasts – no more cost and headache the comes with greasing
  • Removes excess play by replacing your pin/bushings with a pair of high precision sealed bearings
  • Triple lip seals keep pivots from seizing up
  • Easy to install kit comes with all new grade 8 hardware
  • For use on John Deere 60 and 90 series air drills


For use on John Deere 60 & 90 series no-till drills

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