Ingersoll Extended Wear 20″ Cutting Disc

Our 20″ special purpose cutting disc is designed to cut deeper than the standard 18″ for deep banding of fertilizer.  Red E’s industry exclusive Double Bevel Razor Edge Extended Wear Disc maximizes both longevity and sharpness.


Part Number: RE4927RZR

  • 20″ Special purpose blade, designed for deep banding fertilizer
  • Engineered to cut through tough, heavy residue
  • Manufactured in Canada with proprietary Boron steel
  • Double bevel cutting edge maintains better disc sharpness over useful disc life
  • Replacement discs for John Deere 750, 752, 1560, 1590, 1690, 1850, 1860, 1890, 1890CCS, 1895, and ProSeries
  • Aftermarket parts replace John Deere part numbers N283804 and N214190


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