1st Serial Number Range

Stainless Steel Air Cart Solutions - High Quality Romafa Solutions for Air Seeders

For Flexi-Coil, Case IH 2230, 2340 & New Holland SC230 and similar Air Carts

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1st Serial Number Range

Parts for Air Carts in the 1st Serial Number Range (not exhaustive)

1740 Carts: 1740-0955801 to 1740-095873
2340 Carts: 2340-092501 to 2340-096740
3174 Carts: 3174-096201 to 3174-097220
3234 Carts: 3234-096101 to 3234-105120

2nd Serial Number Range

Parts for Air Carts in the 2nd Serial Number Range

Includes any compatible carts after the 1st Serial Number Range

We specialize in solutions for CIH, Case IH, Flexi-Coil, John Deere, and New Holland Air Seeders. These solutions are compatible with several 40 Series Flexi-Coil variant 2 Tank Air Carts including the following: Flexi-Coil 1740, 2340, 2640, 3174, 3234; Case-IH ADX 2180, ADX 2230, ADX 3260, 2230 Precision Air; New Holland SC180, SC230, SC260.

Ready to replace your corroded air cart
OEM meter housings & parts?

Stainless Steel Air Cart Solutions gives you long lasting, frustration free results.


Red E stainless replacement partner solutions for Case-IH and Flexi-Coil Poly Tank Air Carts are made of high-quality, corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel with pacified welds to maintain corrosion resistance. Use of spot welding, laser cut parts and slot and tab assembly produces a consistently quality product every time. These parts replace the non-stainless steel OEM versions for a similar price, and are field-proven to maintain all of the functions of the original parts.



How Red E Helps Farmers Keep Farming

With a passion that developed in our early years on our grandpa's farm, we’ve formed our business around helping farmers upgrade and make better use of their existing equipment.  Our grandpa used to say, “I can’t afford a new machine, so let’s keep what we have running in the best condition possible.”

At Red E, we find our inspiration by listening to farmers and their pain points, then providing solutions that dealers and manufacturers have not done well.

This is where Red E comes in.