Stainless Steel 3 Port Coupling Assembly

Red E stainless replacement partner solutions for John Deere and Flexi-Coil Air Carts are made of durable high-quality corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel with pacified welds to retain corrosion resistance.   Use of spot welding, laser cut parts and tab assembly produces consistent and precise tolerances providing a quality product every time.  These parts replace the non-stainless steel OEM versions for a similar and competitive price, are field-proven, maintain all of the functions of the original parts, and are easy to install.


Part Number: JAS1041A

  • Compatible with Flexi-Coil 2320 & 1720 and John Deere 787 Steel 2 tank air carts
  • Made from durable, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel with pacified welds
  • Laser cut parts and tab construction ensure adherence to precise tolerances
  • Replaces Flexi-Coil Part #s GD-672A & GD-673
  • Made in Canada by Romafa Metal Works, Inc.


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