Stainless Steel Seed Tube Rebuild Kit

The mounting hole in the seed tube is often the first point of failure, wearing out and creating a loose connection.  Our stainless steel seed tube rebuild kit for John Deere air seeders allows you to reuse the upper portion of the seed tube and replace only the bottom-worn portion, saving you time and money.

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SKU: AG-K25 (Straight), AG-K26 (Right), AG-K27 (Left)

  • Repair sloppy or stuck seed tubes
  • Comes complete with seed tube bolt and Sabre™ tooth clamp
  • Innovative design improves hose installation and removal



  • Seed tube lower
  • Stainless steel hose clamp x2
  • Seed tube splice connector

Used for John Deere 1590, 1690, 1890, and 1895 series air seeders. Replaces John Deere part numbers:

  • A72825 (Straight)
  • A81406 (Right)
  • A72825 (Left)

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