Направляющий блок для рассверливания отверстий крепления высевающего башмака

The seed boot pivot guide block assists you in precisely drilling out worn or egg shaped seed boot pivot holes on the main opener arm casting in preparation for Red E’s seed boot bushing kit.  It easily clamps to the seed boot and keeps the custom 4 flute reamer bit straight and aligned, ensuring proper seed boot engagement to the disc.  Worn or incorrectly drilled holes introduce mud and straw plugging issues and premature and uneven seed boot wear.


Product Number: AG-K13 (2-Piece), AG1140 (1-Piece), AG2057HH (Reamer Bit)

  • Allows for precise resizing of worn seed boot pivot holes in preparation for Red E’s Seed Boot Pivot Kit
  • Refurbishes sloppy seed boot pivots in main opener arm castings
  • Removes excessive movement and play in seed boot pivot
  • Facilitates consistent seed depth and placement
  • Red E’s Hole Hawger 4-Flute bit is a 1 pass, long life, reamer bit
  • Сделано в США

Options available for JD 50, 60 & 90 Series Air Drills


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