SDX Main Opener Arm Bracket Slop Fix Kit

OEM main opener pivots fill with dirt and rust, become stiff and eventually seize completely. As the main opener pin seizes inside of the main opener arm, it tears the flag tab off of the pin and begins rotating within the mount rather than the arm pivoting on the pin.  This causes the holes in the mount to elongate and deform, and if left long enough, will destroy the mount.  Our SDX Main Opener Arm Pivot Kit includes all of the parts and hardware necessary to rebuild the pivot for years of trouble-free performance.



  • Ремкомплект включает новый штифт, новые втулки и крепёж, необходимые для восстановления узла вращения
  • Higher hardness pin and thicker weld-on flange plate
  • Grade 8 flange hardware
  • Используется совместно с креплением сошника SDX (P / N RE3029)


For Case-IH SDX Series no-till drills

Replaces Case-IH P/N: 349394A1, 86523224, 87401407, 231-1446, 88044



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