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    3 Things to Consider Before Putting Away Your Air Seeder

    Red E
    Октябрь 11, 2022

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      Fall is here and you may have noticed a few things that should be changed on your air seeder – or at least you think they do. It’s ready for some new parts but are you prepared with the parts you need and how to install them?  

      What Products Do You Need? 

      Whether you’re just replacing the discs to freshen up your drill or overhauling every row unit so they are as good or better than new  – planning ahead is a must.  Start with our patent pending drill inspection tool to identify the life on the most common wear items such as discs и seed tabs.  A great value Red E also provides is free on-site inspections to help educate what to look for and what should be the priority for your air seeder. 

      How Much Time Do You Have? 

      Winter to-do lists are usually a mile long for most farmers and it’s a rush to get everything done before it’s time to hop in the tractor again.  With 100-200 hours required on an average rebuild, how likely will rebuilding your air seeder get crossed off that winter list?  And if we are honest with ourselves, crawling underneath an air drill isn’t one of those things we willingly want to do. Think about the resources that will be needed such as a heated shop, tools, experience, etc. 

      To ensure your seeder will be ready for the next seeding season, rely on the Red E rebuild crew to get it done on time and correctly. 

      Is Your Current Air Seeder Meeting Your Needs? 

      Looking to upgrade to a larger machine? Needing an air cart with a bigger bushel capacity? Red E has a large network of farmers across North America and access to a variety of used equipment privately for sale. Take a look at our current used inventory or call us with your air seeder needs – we have trustworthy options available!