Romafa Section Control

Enhance your precision seeding capabilities with the Romafa Sectional Control System. The system was designed and built to add yield-boosting, input-reducing technology to your John Deere 1900/1910 air cart. This system communicates with your air seeder’s existing GPS mapping system, reducing input costs by minimizing overlap. With its ability to open and close up to eight sections per tank, the system prevents over-seeding to help maximize your profit margins. The Romafa Sectional Control System is a simple, economical solution to enhance your equipment’s efficiency.


Part Number: RSC-1910-*TNK-*RN

  • Minimize over-seeding with Romafa Section Control
  • Compatible with both ground or hydraulic drive John Deere 1900/1910 Air Carts
  • Controlled by either a John Deere Rate Controller Liquid or Raven RCM Level 2 Controller
  • Integrates with the required individual run shut-off stainless steel meter housing (link indiv. row shutoff)
  • Allows for section control for a fraction of the JD OEM price
  • Having a functioning blockage monitor system is recommended when using this system


For John Deere 1900 & 1910 Air Carts

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