C-Shank Seed Boots

Farmland seed boots attach to the back of the C-shank to direct seed or fertilizer directly behind the sweep.  With multiple options and made from durable cast iron, our seed boots will provide years of worry-free operation.


SKU: SB-1, SB-2, SB-3

  • Attaches to the back of the C-shank to place product behind low disturbance sweep
  • Multiple spreader options to control dispersion of product
  • 3 styles to fit any operation
    • SB-1  – 4″ spread with strut for attaching liquid fertilizer or anhydrous application knife
    • SB-2 – 4″ spread for broader distribution of dry fertilizer or seed
    • SB-3 – 2-3″ spread for a tighter fertilizer band or seeding – replaces John Deere P/N: N213260

Note: SB-1 (yellow component) shown. Additional items not included. 


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