2005 John Deere 1895 Drill and 1910 Air Cart


This is a great air seeder that is field ready!  Red E Ag specializes in air seeding upgrades for drills and air carts. See below for the full description.

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2005 John Deere 1895 and 1910 Air Seeder – Only 15K Acres, Field Ready!

John Deere 1895 No-Till Drill:

40′ Working Width
10″ seed spacing (48 seed rows, 24 mid row banders)
Dry Fertilizer Mid-Row Banders
JD OEM Primary blockage system available or let us help you upgrade to IAS Wireless Blockage!
3″ Smooth wheel gauge wheels on Mid-Row Banders, 4.5″ on Seed Rows
Extended wear seed boots – good condition
New discs, seed tabs, and air hose throughout
All pivots are tight and pivot freely
Wheels and Tires in excellent condition
14,400 acres

John Deere 1910 Air Cart:

3 Tanks, 340 Bushels, Ground Drive, Double Shoot, 6 Runs, Tow Behind
2 Meter rollers included (black and green)
Metering system in good working order
8″ Auger
Wheels and Tires in excellent condition
This air seeder has low acres and is field ready.  We can provide several upgrades with this drill depending on your budget and seeding needs.

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