Used 3 x 16 Nylon/Steel Rim Urethane Gauge Wheels

Used 3 x 16 Nylon/Steel rim gauge wheels with 3/8″ inner lip and urethane tire


Quantity 61 available for sale. See below item description for more details.  Contact us before this is gone!


Артикул: AG2062U-USED Категория: Метки: , , ,

These used gauge wheels have a nylon outer, steel inner wheel half and come with a long lasting urethane tire. Excellent for no-till seeding and in areas where normal rubber tire stubble damage risk is high.  Not recommended for tilled soils as urethane does not shed mud as well as rubber.  Past customer decided to upgrade to a spoked urethane gauge wheel.  Asking $95/ea with quantity 61 available for sale.  Must purchase all together.


Вес 376.8 унция

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