Детали гидравлического привода для Джон Дир 1900/1910

Upgrade your ground drive cart to hydraulic drive with instant variable rate control, improved rate control accuracy, and easier calibration.  Red E’s hydraulic drive conversion kit eliminates many mechanical and electrical components and replaces them with a variable flow hydraulic drive system.  The variable flow hydraulic drive system provides consistent power and independently variable rates to each meter allowing for quick and accurate prescription product applications.

SKU: HDC-1910-*TNK-TB*-*

  • Kit contains all necessary wiring, hydraulic components, brackets, wiring harnesses and hardware (Rate Controller purchased separately)
  • Эксклюзивная распределительная коробка управления дозатором позволяет производить ступенчатое управление дозатором на пневмоприцепе вместо трактора
  • Compatible with several different rate controllers including John Deere RCM Dry, Raven, Ag Leader, and more
  • Options available for both tow behind and tow between air carts and 1, 2, or 3 tank configurations
  • Note:
    • A good functioning blockage system is required to properly monitor any new hydraulic drive system
    • Special requirements and instructions exist for each chosen rate controller
    • Specific tractor and display requirements exist for system to function properly

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