AIRGUARD™ Blockage Prevention System

AIRGUARD™ Blockage Prevention Systems are the ideal air drill solution to lower tractor oil temperature and reduce humidity, internal buildup, and plugging in the air stream on your air drill to keep product flowing. This is the perfect hydraulic oil cooler solution for air seeders, planters and fertilizer floaters.

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  • Seed in wet conditions –Relative humidity will drop 50% or more
  • Keep blockage sensors clean – Consistent, reliable sensor readings
  • Keep the treatment on your seed – Minimize treatment from covering internal components
  • Lower oil temperature – 10°C -20°C / 50°F-68°F cooler
  • Can be used on Concord, Flexi-Coil, Great Plains, John Deere, Montag, Morris, New Holland, Salford, Seed Master, Vaderstad, Versatile, and nearly all air carts

AirGuard Blockage Prevention System

Upgrade Kit Available – Version 1 to Version 2

This new version 2 upgrade uses an innovative manifold and valve combination to regulate the pressure in the fan circuit. An easy conversion that allows you to eliminate the need for the relief line hose back to tractor. Ask us about this upgrade!



AirGuardTM Blockage Prevention System

AirGuardTM Blockage Prevention System Video

AirGuardTM Blockage Prevention System Explained

AirGuardTM System Animation V2

AirGuardTM Version 1 to Version 2 Conversion


How does the AIRGUARD Blockage Prevention System work?

The AIRGUARD BPS circulates the hydraulic oil through a radiator that’s mounted to the fan housing intake of the air seeder cart. We tap into the Return side of the fan motor, therefore we do not take hydraulic power from running the air seeder unit. We extract the heat before the oil gets returned back to the tractor, increasing the life of the oil. By heating up the air the BPS prevents condensation and reduces buildup on all internal components, and at the same time cools the oil.

Can I dry out the fertilizer inside the cart?

No. There is not enough time to dry out the product if it’s already damp. It will, however, eliminate any future moisture to be drawn into the system. The warmer air allows the meters to operate more efficiently. And the hoses, manifolds and openers are warming from the inside. After putting on the BPS, you can immediately feel the difference in the temperature of the hoses under the cart. Since all the parts are physically warmer, dusty fertilizer, mixed with humidity that’s constantly being drawn in, will not have a cold surface to build up on. Everything flows better through to the discharge at the opener.

How is the radiator protected from over pressurization?

The Airguard Blockage Prevention System has a series of valves that help regulate the pressure in the fan circuit when the return line pressure gets too high. If the return pressure goes above 750psi the fan pressure will be reduced until the return pressure goes below 750psi. There is also another pressure relief that is set to 850psi and will relieve to the case drain if the pressure goes above 850psi. All of this is done automatically and no setting of the system is required.

Our aluminum radiator cores are pressure rated to 2400psi to ensure that your investment is protected.

Why do I need a snorkel kit for my AIRGUARD BPS?

The snorkel kits are designed to help reduce maintenance on the BP System. Using a snorkel kit moves the air intake to the top of the cart thereby allowing the fan to suck in clean air. This reduces the amount of dust and debris that the fan sucks in, which helps to keep the radiator fins clean. It also helps to keep the internal parts of the air system clean and reduces plugging issues.

The single snorkel is designed for smaller fans, mainly the Crary 6″ Fan. The dual snorkel is designed for higher flow fans which is most of the fans on air seeders. The dual snorkel ensures that fan air flow is not restricted by using 2 – 8″ hoses for the air intake.

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