• Seed in wet conditions –Relative humidity will drop 50% or more
  • Keep blockage sensors clean – Consistent, reliable sensor readings
  • Keep the treatment on your seed – Minimize treatment from covering internal components
  • Lower oil temperature – 10°C -20°C / 50°F-68°F cooler
  • Can be used on Concord, Flexi-Coil, Great Plains, John Deere, Montag, Morris, New Holland, Salford, Seed Master, Vaderstad, Versatile, and nearly all air carts

AirGuard Blockage Prevention System


AirGuard TM Seed Brake Comparison Video

AirGuard TM Seed Brakes Video

AirGuard TM Seed Brake Side by Side Comparison Video

AirGuard TM Seed Brake Installation Video

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