Опорное колесо с резиновым бандажом, диск нейлон/сталь 3"

Gauge wheels control seed depth and placement, even in adverse soil or weather conditions. Mud and trash can collect on a traditional gauge wheel, making it near impossible to continue planting.  These high quality 3” Nylon/Steel Rim Rubber Gauge Wheels will take on the toughest conditions.

The 3” Nylon/Steel Rim Rubber Gauge Wheel is part of Red E’s extensive Gauge Wheel collection, which includes the Needham 2 ¾” Narrow Urethane Gauge Wheel, Needham 3″ Urethane Spoked Gauge Wheels, Опорное колесо со спицами Carlisle, Заделочное колесо Dawn Gaugetine 1230 и Сталь/Сталь Опорное колесо.