Опорное колесо с резиновым бандажом, диск нейлон/сталь 3"

Gauge wheels control seed depth and placement, even in adverse soil or weather conditions. Mud and trash can collect on a traditional gauge wheel, making it near impossible to continue planting.  These high quality 3” Nylon/Steel Rim Rubber Gauge Wheels will take on the toughest conditions.

The 3” Nylon/Steel Rim Rubber Gauge Wheel is part of Red E’s extensive Gauge Wheel collection, which includes the Needham 3″ Urethane Spoked Gauge Wheels, Опорное колесо со спицами Carlisle, Заделочное колесо Dawn Gaugetine 1230 и Сталь/Сталь Опорное колесо.

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