21″ Bourgault Notched Opener Disc

The cutting disc is responsible for cutting through residue and opening the seed trench.  It works in tandem with the seed boot and gauge wheel to deliver and precisely place the seed at the correct depth.  Worn discs do not cut properly and may push residue into the trench causing degraded seed-to-soil contact.  Worn discs also cause excessive wear to the seed boots as they ride in the shallower trench, leading to poor seed placement and greatly reduced seed boot life.  Red E’s patent-pending & exclusive notched cutting disc cuts through tough residue and can be used to place fertilizer below the seed depth.


SKU: RE3481

  • Patent-pending 30 point notched cutting disc
  • Special cutting edge profile excels at separating and cutting through residue and avoiding hair pinning
  • 21″ disc size vs. 20.5″ OEM allows for the notched profile and maintains frame clearance
  • Compatible with Bourgault MRB® III, 3710, 3720 and Morris RAZR Coulter Drills that have countersunk bolt holes
  • Red E industry exclusive product


For use on Bourgault MRB® III, 3710, 3720 and Morris RAZR Coulter Disc Drills with countersunk holes


  • Bourgault P/N: 2085-04
  • Bourgault Tillage Tools (BTT) P/N: 500-200-1000
  • CNH P/N: 73343551
  • Morris P/N: S48851
  • Keywords: Disc Blades Opener Blades Disc Openers Disk blades


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