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    Top 8 Reasons to Choose Red E

    Matt Faul
    Январь 13, 2022

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      Top 8 Reasons to Choose Red E

      Red E started with a mission to give farmers an agricultural edge by offering reliable, high-performing aftermarket air seeding and precision planter solutions. Our company provides full-service solutions through in-house engineering, manufacturing, and sourcing of the highest quality products, and on-site service through our service crew partners. We are ready to bring our passion and many years of expertise with farming and engineering directly to your fields to solve your equipment challenges.

      Reason #1: We Are Family Operated and Locally Owned

      Red E was founded by Matt Faul in 2012 and shortly after his twin brother, Jesse, joined the company as the Vice President.

      Matt and Jesse developed a passion for farming while working on their grandpa’s farm, who custom-harvested and farmed using older equipment. He would pay the boys “a penny-a-bolt” to salvage parts from old machines. He’d say, “I can’t afford a new machine so let’s keep what we have running in the best condition possible.” Matt and Jesse kept this mantra close to their heart while developing air seeder parts designed to keep their existing equipment running reliably for years to come.

      Previous to the start of the company, both obtained Mechanical Engineering degrees, their career paths diverged taking them to places like Amity Technology, John Deere, and Applied Engineering. Engineering unique, exclusive solutions and partnering with industry experts, Red E is poised to continue being the full-service engineering, parts, and rebuilding company to farmers nationwide.

      Joining the family operation is their dad, Marvin, who is on the board of directors and is the company’s technical advisor and contractor for the office remodel work. Their older brother, Chuck, moved from Nevada in 2021 to be the Service Operations Director for our rebuild team.

      Reason #2: Air Seeder Experts

      Our sales team has extensive experience to provide helpful solutions to farmers to ensure they get the right parts they need. We provide free on-site inspections on air seeders to provide expert advice on what parts are needed to get the most out of your air seeder. These inspections allow you to identify what components need immediate replacement and what parts should be replaced in the following years. Our sales team does not receive any commission off of sales, to ensure that our main focus is on the customer’s needs.

      Reason #3: Red E Offers Industry Exclusive Parts

      Our engineering team has developed industry-exclusive products designed to replace OEM parts with heavy-duty, reliable parts. We are also proud to partner with other proven companies, such as Pro-Stitch, to offer some products exclusively through Red E. Some of the industry-exclusive parts we offer include Seed Boot Stabilizers, Сшивное заделочное колёсо Pro-Stitch, Pro-Stitch Seed Tabs, Notched Cutting Discs, Closing/Press Wheel Bearing Pivot Fix Kit, Износостойкая пружина прикатывающего колеса, КОМПЛЕКТЫ ДЕТАЛЕЙ ДЛЯ ЗАМЕНЫ МЕХАНИЧЕСКОГО ПРИВОДА НА ГИДРАВЛИЧЕСКИЙ, and the list continues to grow with the help of our sales and engineering team.

      Reason #4: Red E Offers Rebuild Services for Air Seeders

      Red E has a dedicated service team that offers rebuild services for air seeders. Our service team is always brainstorming and implementing new ways to increase efficiency and improve our rebuild processes. When our team does a rebuild, they are clean, timely, respectful, and if needed, they provide suggestions if more parts should be upgraded. In 2021 alone, our service team completed over 90 rebuilds.

      To get your air seeder on the list for a rebuild, contact us today.

      Reason #5: Professional Engineer Team

      Our engineers at Red E can provide solutions to keep farmers farming. Our engineering team regularly goes out into the field on rebuilds to gain experience with the many difficulties farmers face when upgrading their air seeder. They are able to take their experiences to provide new and improved parts. Not only do our engineers help our farming customers, but they also provide engineering solutions to a wide range of clients for various requests. To learn more about our engineering team, please visit

      Reason #6: Providing Parts To All Over The World

      Red E provides air seeding solutions all over the world. We have shipped parts to Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, and the list continues to grow!

      Not only have we shipped parts to various parts of the world, but we have completed rebuilds in both Russia and Ukraine! Watch Matt, Red E’s President, on his latest adventure to Russia.

      Reason #7: Provide Support for Our Products

      When you buy parts from Red E, our professional sales team offers support to ensure your air seeder will run properly. If our customers need support on installing their Red E parts, our team has been on a multitude of rebuilds and can provide expert advice on install questions. We also provide installation tutorials and installation instructions, complete with full diagrams, to help with the installation process.

      Red E is the #1 dealer in the region for Intelligent Ag systems and with that, we offer expert solutions and advice on most technical support questions if you purchase an Intelligent Ag system from Red E.

      Reason #8: Red E is a One-Stop Shop for Your Air Seeder

      Red E offers all the necessary parts you would need to upgrade your air seeder. As the air seeder experts, we have put together the most comprehensive product offerings in the agricultural industry. We offer options to replace your John Deere, Case IH, Flexi-Coil, and New Holland air seeder’s OEM parts with heavy-duty, long-lasting components that are proven to have a positive impact in the field.

      Being a one-stop-shop doesn’t just mean we offer all parts necessary for an air seeder upgrade, we also offer full installation service. Our service team goes above and beyond to ensure parts are installed correctly and efficiently.

      Not sure what to upgrade on your air seeder? We have knowledgeable Product Specialists that provide FREE on-site inspections. Contact us to get signed up for an inspection.

      lower view of installed ss tubes
      Installing tubes on a John Deere 1910 air seeder
      John Deere Air Drill Rebuild
      John Deere Air Drill Rebuild
      Red E Engineering Team
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      Matt is the Founder and President of Red E. He started the company to provide aftermarket ag solutions to farmers around the world. Red E has expanded since 2012 and has been named by Inc. 5000 as the “Fastest Growing Company in Engineering”.