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    StartupBREW: RED E, LLC Helping Farmers Feed the World

    Red E
    Апрель 13, 2022

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      StartupBREW is a weekly event that is hosted by Emerging Praire in Fargo, ND. The event consists of entrepreneurs sharing their journey with the community. Watch the video above, as Matt shares the unique story of Red E and the opportunities and challenges that have been presented to him throughout his journey.

      Read a couple of experts from Emerging Prairies article:

      “Our entrepreneurial ambitions really began back when my brother and I were buying and fixing cars and recreational vehicles in high school.  We continued this into college as time allowed but it really came into view when we entered into a competition called Innovate ND where we competed for cash prizes and angel investment for a successful business case.”

      “The phrase good alone, together excellent, defines the synergies of the founding brothers and applies to the approach Red E takes with its customers. You can be good alone, but partnered with high quality people with great technical talent, together excellent things can happen.”

      Read The Full Article Here: by Emerging Prairie.

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