SDX Extended Wear Scraper

Disc scrapers are a critical part of opening the seed trench and keeping the disc free from mud and debris. Our Extended Wear Scrapers provide a longer-lasting solution for your Case IH SDX drills.


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Red E has extended and added to the hard surfacing to prevent the ‘hook’ from forming on the bottom edge of the scraper after prolonged soil wear eroding the base material faster than the factory hard surfacing. If not addressed, residue will build up on the hook and cause plugging. As OEM scrapers wear against the disc, the seed tube gets pushed into the disc, causing additional wear.


For Case IH SDX30, SDX40 air seeders, and 30, 40 Precision disc drills

Replaces Case IH P/N: 350347A1, 350348A1, 306242A1, 87364, 87530607 



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