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    How To Detect a Blockage on your Air Seeder [Complete 2023 Guide]

    Red E
    June 2, 2022

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      Authors Note: In 2022, Intelligent Ag released the next generation of the Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage Monitor as the Intelligent Ag Recon Blockage Plus. In this video, the Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage Monitor is referenced, however, the Recon Blockage Plus works in a similar manner and has additional features.

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      Meet Adam, Red E’s Engineering Director. Some refer to him as the “Godfather” of the Intelligent Ag Recon Blockage Plus. Previously, Adam was an engineer at the company that designed and engineered the Recon Blockage Monitors. Adam knows the ins and outs of the blockage monitor, which is one of the reasons we have excellent support on the Recon Blockage Plus systems for the customers who purchase from Red E.

      What is a Recon Blockage Plus system?

      The Intelligent Ag Recon Blockage Plus system will detect any blockage immediately and alert you right away – giving you a chance to clear it and get back to planting with confidence.

      Say goodbye to dust-covered optical sensors. The acoustic sensors in your Intelligent Ag Recon Blockage Plus system functions like a stethoscope, instantly detecting blockages or reduced seed flow, anywhere on the implement.

      Multiple sensor options allow the system to easily adapt to nearly any air seeder or application:

      • Multiple Product Types and Rates
      • Bourgault, Case IH, John Deere, Seed Hawk, Amity, Sunflower, Horsch, Flexi-Coil, Concord, and more
      • Air Seeders, Dry Fertilizer Applicators, Deep Banders, and Strip-Till Units
      • Dual-Shooting and Mid-Row Banders

      Blockage Examples from our Customers

      • Seed Meter Stopped While Single Shooting Seed and Fertilizer –  When applying multiple products flowing through the same airstream, traditional blockage monitors do not decipher one product from the other. It’s crucial to see the Recon’s mass flow number to know when the flow drops off. This will prevent seeding 60+ acres of just fertilizer because of an unknown blockage in the seed tank.
      • The Feather – A customer’s Recon Blockage Plus system was signaling a slightly lower flow in one of their towers. The customer checked their tower and found a bird’s feather. Without the blockage monitor, who knows how long that feather would have decreased the seed flow.
      • The Washer – One farmer had a washer come from the tank, through the meter, through the airstream, and flip up only partially blocking a run, which is what made this so difficult to troubleshoot. The blockage monitor was showing a run coming in and out of being blocked. The farmer thought it was fine because he’d get out and run a test charge to see if he’d get the product. Sure enough, he got the product through the center of the washer and assumed the sensor was malfunctioning, but the result was the same when he replaced it. He finally took the lid off his tower, and to his surprise, discovered the washer!
      • Fertilizer Chunks at the Tower – A customer called frustrated that he had 5 runs showing up as always blocked but there would be air flowing still. When he would check his manifolds he’d turn off his air. When he would turn his air back on it would be a different 5 runs that were blocked. Finally, he left the air on when the took the top off the lid and 5 oblong chunks of fertilizer blew out.
      • Unclosed Tank Lid – Many farmers trust the mass flow number because it has prevented them from forgetting the lid open on their seed bin.
      • Hole in Hose – The blockage monitor was able to detect a lack of seed flowing and alerted the customer. When the customer checked their towers, they discovered a hole in their hose.
      • Mice – Pests, furry animals, and rodents are never wanted inside your air seeder. Although, they do find their way in there. The blockage monitor has detected mice and other pests in customers’ air seeders. Rodents should not cost you money and skips in the field.

      Customer Feedback on Intelligent Ag Blockage Plus System

      • Peace of Mind – When interviewing customers, they organically would say “peace of mind”. They have peace of mind that their seed or fertilizer is flowing correctly throughout their air seeder. No skips and no guessing.
      • Worth The Investment – “Investing in the Blockage Monitor was worth it.” The cost upfront is higher, but over time, as blockages are detected, the investment becomes worth it.
      • System Doesn’t Lie – While Matt, the President of Red E, was visiting with a farmer while he was seeding, the customer said, “This is the best purchase I have ever made for the air seeder. If the system shows a blockage, there is something in there. The system has never lied about a blockage.”
      • Easy Use of iPad – Technology can be difficult to navigate. With the Recon Blockage Plus system, it is required to use an iPad as the display. Our customers have said, “The iPad is easy to use and the Recon Wireless Blockage app is user-friendly.”
      • Durable  – Our customers have compared it to the OEM blockage monitor and said that the Recon Blockage Plus system lasts for years, far longer than the OEM blockage monitor.
      • Less Downtime – The Recon Wireless Blockage app will tell you exactly which run has a blockage. This saves time looking for the blockages and reduces downtime in the field.
      • Saves Money – Seeding for many acres and finding out there was an unknown blockage can cost thousands. The Recon Blockage Plus detects any blockage instantly. Ensuring you don’t go hundreds of acres without placing any seed or fertilizer.
      • Easy to Install – The feedback from customers that installed the Recon Blockage Plus system consistently confirmed the system is easy to install.

      Why Purchase from Red E?

      There are a lot great reasons why Red E has earned the #1 dealer spot for the Recon Blockage Plus systems for several years running:

      • Free iPad (with qualifying purchase)
      • Free shipping
      • Best support
      • We offer expert installation & app setup

      When you are ready to make one of the best purchases of your air seeder, trust Red E to deliver the value you need to make your most important pass in the field the best pass of the year.