Вертикальный почвообрабатывающий сошник

Convert your old chisel plow or heavy duty cultivator into a high-speed vertical tillage machine. Features the industry’s only 2″ offset to reduce slabbing and improve trash flow.



  • Excellent for high-speed spring seed bed preparation and fall residue management
  • Breaks down soil compaction layer
  • Offset disks allow for easier penetration and reduced slabbing
  • 18″ boron steel disks, spaced 7″ apart
    • Available in either 8 wave for a wider path or 13 wave for greater penetration

Note: For use on C-shanks with minimum 440 lbs trips

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The offset design is key in improving residue flow and reducing/eliminating negative effects such as lodging rocks or soil ribboning between the discs.  Other notable features are durable hubs that have a proven seal design that allows for purging the hub with fresh grease each season without risk of damaging seals, and the mount has thick side plates to keep it from rotating when varying uneven loads occur on the discs. 

First question to answer is what do you intend to do?  If you are looking for more sizing and less disturbance, the 13 wave is the blade of choice.  It also pulls easier and would have a better time going deeper than the 8 wave. Choose the 13 wave for sizing and penetration in tougher ground or 8 wave for more disturbance/incorporation.  Your machine could utilize extra weighting depending on how many you install, the spacing, how fast you want to go, and the conditions of the field.

If you are wanting to do more incorporation of soil for reasons such as drying the soil in the spring before seeding/planting, or better breakdown of residue over the winter then the 8 wave is a better choice.

Most chisel plow shanks are 2 inches wide by 1-1/4 inches thick but the VTC mounts can be adapted by the farmer to fit other sizes.

The Red E VTC mounts to shanks with hole distances between 2 and 2.75 inches.  The holes in the mount are for 1/2 inch size bolts.  Other sizes have been made work in the past but require modifications.

The distance between the discs is around 7-1/4" so the VTC is designed to be used on 12" or 14" row unit spacing but it can be less depending on what tool you have available to put them on, the amount of work to move the shanks, and your desired result in the field.  The closer the shanks are together, the more aggressive the action will be.

The hub is designed for qty 4 1/2" bolts that are on a 5 inch diameter bolt center. The center cutout in the disc is 3.7 inches.

Currently Red E offers only 18" diameter blades in 8 and 13 wave configurations.  If you are looking for strictly slicing of residue, Red E has straight discs both in the 18" round and our industry exclusive 19" 30 pointer notched disc.


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