The AirSeeder Conveyor

The AirSeeder Conveyor is constructed of lightweight plastic driven with an orbit motor. The Airseeder Conveyor is a great replacement option that fits underneath semi-trailers and mounts in place of the existing conveyor.


Артикул: ASH-CONV-JD Категория: Метки: , , ,

Part Number: ASH-CONV-JD

  • Compatible with John Deere air carts that have a John Deere conveyor
  • Easy loading from semi-trailers to air carts
  • Has orbit motor, poly bearings, and includes hydraulic hoses to hook up to control valve
  • Mounts in place of the existing conveyor hopper
  • Can pull the pin to allow the end to swing sideways for clearance to get under the air cart
  • Recommend adding a 35 lb counter weight on top for easier maneuvering
  • Made in Canada



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