Stainless Steel Strip Till Tube

Replace your old, rusted strip-till tubes with our new direct replacement stainless steel-formed tubes.  Stainless steel prevents the corrosion common to OEM tubes, ensuring years of trouble free operation no matter which product you run through them.

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SKU: R1052

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel tubing
  • For John Deere 2510S and 2210S strip-till machines
  • 2.5″ OD with 90-degree bend and 6.5″ bend radius
  • First leg length is 18″ and the second leg length is 50″
  • Note: Verify fit and compatibility before ordering


For John Deere 2210S and 2510S strip till machines.  Review dimensions and verify fit before ordering.

Replaces John Deere part numbers:

  • A85957


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