John Deere 1895 For Parts

This John Deere 1895 Air Seeder is ready to be parted out.

We can pull off the row units – or you can save money by doing it yourself.  See prices below.

Contact us for more information or to buy!

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    Parting Out John Deere 1895 Air Seeder

    43′, Double Shoot, 10″ Spacing.

    52 seed rows available & 26 fertilizer SFP rows

    Row units have a fair number of acres on them but are in good shape and fully rebuildable! A little dirty from when last transported. Majority of pivots rotate freely, extended wear boots, discs and openers have life still left in them. SFP Fertilizer rows do not have closing or press wheel arms but were setup for dry fertilizer so have extended wear seed boots on them.

    Seed Rows: $500/ea if you pull off, $600/ea if we pull them off

    Fertilizer Rows: $400/ea if you pull off, $500 if we pull them off

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