22-5/8″ Case IH SDX Ingersoll Opener Disc

The cutting disc is responsible for cutting through residue and opening the seed trench.  It works in tandem with the scraper and gauge wheel to deliver and precisely place the seed at the correct depth.  Worn discs do not cut properly and may push residue into the trench causing degraded seed-to-soil contact.  Worn discs also cause increased wear to the scraper as they ride in the shallower trench, leading to poor seed placement and greatly reduced scraper life.  Red E’s Ingersoll made disc is produced to exact OEM specs to  maximize longevity and sharpness at a reduced price to expensive OEM blades.

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SKU: RE3035

  • 22-5/8″ diameter boron steel discs
  • Разработан для резки прочных и обильных пожнивных остатков
  • Double bevel cutting edge aids in maintaining disc sharpness over useful disc lifes


Replaces Case IH# 306001A1

Case IH SDX 30, Case IH SDX 40, Case IH Precision 30, Case IH Precision 40


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