Stainless Steel Acme Double Shoot Plenum Kit

Double shoot John Deere 1900 and 1910 commodity air carts use a diverter to adjust airflow to the top or bottom runs. Adjustable airflow distribution is a vital part of maintaining adequate and consistent product delivery. After setting the fan speed for the heaviest product in the air stream, the plenum’s deflector must be adjusted to redirect air to the manifold ports. A common problem in the OEM double shoot system is the loss of adjustability of the plenum’s deflector. Red E’s Stainless Steel Acme Double Shoot Plenum Kit serves as a drop-in corrosion preventative upgrade for components inside a double shoot air plenum.



  • Ensures the adjustability of the plenum deflector to manage airflow to the tubes
  • Easy to install, pre-assembled stainless steel adjustment handle
  • Stainless steel threaded shaft
  • Kits available for older (SSK-DSP-OLD) and newer style (SSK-DSP-NEW) plenum deflectors


For John Deere 1900 & 1910 Air Carts

Replaces John Deere P/N: A80175, A109214, A109119, A109214, A61119, R273R, A80176, A80174, 19M8833, 24M7178, 24M7277, 24H1746, 34M7042, 19M7785, H135891, 24M7207, 14M7397

Compatible with John Deere P/N: A79261, AA48322, A61152, A57213, A109215, A61105

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