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Prevent seed overlap. Reduce cost.

Engage® Zone Control


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John Deere 1910 Air Seeder Retrofit Section Control

Save thousands of dollars when you prevent overlap and overseeding with the Engage Zone Control.

Plant with Efficiency!

with the

Intelligent Ag Engage Zone Control

Have a John Deere 1910 air cart and a lot of overlaps or obstacles?

Intelligent Ag's Engage Zone Control adds yield-boosting, input-reducing technology to your John Deere 1910 air cart.

Our system features a durable stainless steel design, robust electric section control, and simple yet dependable functionality.  Engage Zone Control is easy to service and features our industry-leading warranty.

Overlap adds up

How much will you save?

Customers using Engage Zone Control reported an average 7% input savings, with many saving well over 10%!

Savings Per 1,000 Acres

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Reduce input costs

John Deere 1910 Section Control

Engage Zone Control is available for preorder today!

Currently designed to retrofit John Deere 1910 Air Carts with 2630 displays, Engage Zone Control fits carts up to 8 sections and 3 tanks.  Over-applied seed and fertilizer is wasteful, expensive, and presents additional agronomic challenges throughout the season.

The Engage Zone Control communicates with your John Deere 1910 air seeder's existing GPS mapping system, ensuring every seed is in its place.

With its ability to open and close up to eight sections per bin, the Engage Zone Control system prevents over-seeding to help maximize your profit margins.

Like all Intelligent Ag products, it's easy to install and built to last. Engage Zone Control is truly a simple economical solution to enhance your equipment's efficiency.

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Considering a section command style section control system for your John Deere 1910 Air Cart? Take a look at the Intelligent Ag Engage Zone Control.

Intelligent Ag Engage Zone Control

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